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23 November 2011 @ 08:52 am

When I think I think about you n how u make me smile nothings hard to do when I know your somewhere knowing I can do anything when I put my mind to it. When I fall to sleep your always in my dreams when I awake though your not even there I can still feel your presents  around me knowingly that I'm being watched over each n every day. Your love four me still burns in my soul n in my heart. Seemly when i think of you I feel peace without the earth not have worry about anything else but the one I truly care for n will forever love. No one will ever replace you within my heart... Just know that I love you wherever you are..
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09 November 2011 @ 08:29 pm
As I'm not really sure on how to write part 2 like i did part 1 cause Im trying to figure out how to tie everything together that will make alot of since mostly cause I came home from Los Vegas that same day when I wrote part 1 so give me some time to write it up. 
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09 November 2011 @ 08:06 pm
You know when you somehow feel like your disliked but not sure what other people think, Well I am most so afraid to talk to people face to face than I am in text, internet. I would say phone but i am not a huge talker through  the phone unless you get me to talk. 

For every gene you think i have from my father you think i wouldn't be so afraid.. I guess that what happen the only dad you kno and loved was you grandfather that had been there for you ever since you came out of the hostel. I've always hated myself growing up and shut myself down after the age of 9. The time when both my grandfather past n the  woman that gave birth to me left. 

Most of my problems I have for people I blame her cause she never really had done anything with me since day one. So I have to look up to something like a character from a show or something to help me shut myself off completely from the world or kill myself at a very young age. 

Not only i have trouble to contenting with people but I've also have been insecure of myself and body, After starting Middle School i've started to hate myself more knowing i'd would never never have a complete normal life. Through out my school life I was pretty much a lone wolf before I had got into high school. Learning of myself from Middle school til now i've been noticing that at times i doubt myself to where I get myself sick.

I've starting dating a girl when I was 16 and was beginning to learn about myself and never knew what to tell her as I didnt kno how she would react to what I was or my secret . Luckily we were together over 11 years as all relationships we had out ups and downs which we still do but not as much like we did before. Some how I'm still scared when it comes to any kind of relationship with anyone cause i don't know on how they would react to my secret life. 

Now 20 years of age and looking for some answers or even yet find others like me to talk to so i know Im not alone through I have family and friends by myside and yet im not really sure they know i feel unless i could really find somebody like me to talk to until than. 

Yes I do wat the upper top surgery through im deathly afraid to be put down cause my grandfather and cousin both died in the hospital along with my aunt and my great grandmother. But I need some advice to what I need to do to save that much money to get the top surgery or at lest anything. I don't really care how long I just need some help.

If you have another site besides Livejournal please contact me at Twitter@WyattSidFisher or just comment this post. I'd would love to hear from others and just make friends.

Wyatt Fisher/Apex Reckless Mutt 
07 November 2011 @ 04:31 pm
 I am Wyatt, But everyone knows me as the one and only Reckless Mutt. I been living my life more so in select or living a double life. As Im starting to get comfortable with my self. As a huge fan of Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester & Randy Orton I got to the most best men I got to look up to as Role-model which I always needed ever since I had lost my grandfather at the age of nine. And this is my  first post of what I've been and going through in my life. 

I was born in 1991 in Long Beach CA, I was born with a somewhat may call a disorder whatever you want to call it. but to me and others that feel the same way. I am a Trans Guy. Which means Im  not let any other humanity you'll ever met on this plant. More so compare me to anything else I will never have a normal life. Which is why I call myself some what a wolf or a mutt. 

Growing up as a little guy it was hard mostly cause everyone made fun of me and just told me that i was a wanna be which I knew it wasn't true.. Most will call my kind Female to Male Transgender. I'd rather to be called a guy through people prefer the actual gender. I've been feeling like a guy since age 2 which is pretty young for a child to know what they feel what they feel. I'd really never had a mother figure through out my whole life as I grew up with my grandmother and grandfather since I came home from the hospital..

My years of schooling were the hardest as I had always felt uncomfortable an just kept mostly to myself, But one thing is for sure if it weren't for my home boys AKA brothers as they know who they are I wouldn't made it through high school along with the family help. I try to prove myself that I can do things that I want to but placing smaller goals in front of my nose. 

Not wanting to go through the under surgery and just the top I been struggling as I been always comfortable with my own body just cause the way I feel about my self and my life. Doesn't mean Im going give up my goal's to make my life easier for myself.. Through I've been living this way for 20 some years im going to mange to make things easier for myself to live life and just take things one day at a time. 

Relationships been more so hard to mange cause of how I feel about myself and body which makes myself insecure of myself and to handle relationships with other people and im not meaning just love relationships but others as well. As being a Trans man is hard enough to try make others unhappy. I've always try to find ways to make things easier making relationships with people. And if people arn't opened mind to who I am than why do I really need you in my life. When I can I have people that love and care for just who I really am.

My family known me as Sidney for years as it is also my middle name which I understand cause they knew me my whole life as Sid as they do try hard to call my by Wyatt. Otherwise everyone with my family is good as I am glad had have a grandparent that is very understanding and just letting me live my life as Wyatt.    
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02 May 2011 @ 08:11 pm

Note: Sorry if I made it look like dean never left Selene, what i was trying to get at was Selene had a nightmare of Dean dying cause of the deal he had made to save her.  Reason behind the video: I made this video based off my love for the only person i love more than my life, and how much i mess up she's the only one i want in my cause she's the only woman that knows to keep this RM happy more than anything. I know i messed up in the past but i'm willing to change for her and only her, I will die for her that's how much she means to this Broken down Reckless Mutt.  Disclaimer: I don't own anything.  Song: Best I ever had  Artiest: State of Shock

YT Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/evilrecklessmutt
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15 April 2011 @ 03:52 pm
Yonica: Hilary Duff
Adrian: Jensen Ackles

Disclaimer: Don't own anything except for the characters ans names belong to my girlfriend and I

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07 November 2010 @ 04:32 pm
My First few manips that I made for the longest time...

All I ask place don't hotlink anything as I created these for fun

01 August 2010 @ 11:05 am
Reason: Taking a Break cause been to busy.
Return when:  Whenever I fell I can continue to make Manips
I am going to take a break as I've been to busy to come on here, as I will come on to check if everything is alright. But mainly I am been to busy and my skills for Manip making is rustly and may need some time to figure out how to make manips. Not only i rusty at making the manips im also only have the use of my right side of my body as it takes me a while to make all the manips that I made in the past. Please understand that i am nor abanding Supernaturally Charmed, I'm just take a break as its hard working to make manips.
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29 June 2010 @ 12:53 pm
I do not owe anything as this is my own creation and what I really feel about my girlfriend the creadt goes to the creater that created Supernatural. I don't get aNY profit for using Sam and Dean Winchester.
Sam and Dean Winchester
Dean and Sam kept a secert towards each other as they were both secertly in love with each other as the two winchester's could take hiding the secert any longer as Sam decided to try to get away from Dean as far as he could. Until one faithful night Sam called Dean as he asked Dean to met him in the motel that he was staying in as Sam just wanted to tell Dean how he really felt hoping that Dean wouldn't run off on him.

After Sam left Dean, Dean had traveled on his own hunting demons with out a care if he had died or not cause nothing wasn't the same withiout Sammy around. Dean was in Dallas Texas as he was takening a long break from fighting and hunting demons even looking for Lucifer the devil himself. That night Dean went to look for a motel until he'd heard his phone ring as it was Sammy calling him. Dean sighs wondering what Sammy wanted at this time of night as Dean put the phone against his ear. 

"Hello" Dean answers as soon he'd put the phone up to his ear hoping that Sam would say something on the otherside. 

 Sam took a deep breath as soon he had heard Dean's voice as Sam flips through the t.v as he spoke "Dean I really got to tell you something but I can't tell you through the phone can you meet me at the motel" Sam paused for a moment "It's between 3rd and 16th street I'm in room 12" Sam told Dean.

Dean listens to what Sam told him as he had placed his hand in his jacketpocket as he looked up seeing that he was near the motel that Sam was staying at as Dean lets out a small sigh "Alright Sam I'll met you that the motel in a few mintues" Dean said in a deep soft tone as he hung up the phone as he got back on the road to meet Sam at the motel.

Sam nods his head as he kept flipping through the t.v channels as he listens to Dean as he agreed as he told him that he'd would see him soon as Sam hang up the phone as he turns off the t.v as he got upas he went over towards the window then peeks out seeing that it may take Dean a while to show. Sam walked back and forwards near the window hoping that Dean would run off and hoping that Dean would be opened minded about what Sam wanted to tell him.

Few moments as past as Dean arrived at the motel as he got out of the Chevy Impala and walks up the  room that Sam was staying in as Dean knocked onto the door then placed both hands into his jacketpockets. As Sam kept walking back and forward Sam heard the knock on the door as he went to see if Dean was at the door. Once the door opened Sam and Dean looked at each other as Sam bite his bottom lip as he let Dean come in to the room. Once both boys were in the room as the both looking at each other Sam took a deep sigh as he looked Dean right in the eye

"Dean there's something I really want to tell you and I can't hold it back any longer" Sam paused as he looks down at the ground then back Dean. "Dean truth is that i'm in love with you and I am very sorry if I'm crazy for feeling the way I am feeling but I just can't hold it back anymore so please understand where I am coming from" Sam told Dean as his eyes never left Dean's

Dean hears what Sam told him as Dean didn't say anything for a while as a heavy sigh escaped from Dean's lips as he looked straightly into Sammy's eyes with out breaking the line of contact. Dean clears his throat as Dean took a step closer "Your not crazy for feeling that way Sam cause" Dean paused as he was scared at first tio admit something that he had been hiding for so long as he kept looking at Sam "Sammy I am in love with you too I guess i've been holding it in so long that i was just scared that I may end up hurting in the end" Dean says as his look turns soft as he never took his eyes off of Sam

Once Sam heard what Dean told him Sam went over to Dean giving him a hug as he was never letting him go as Dean wraped his arms around Sam as well as his head gently touched Sammy's shoulder as they both this day would had never come but one this was for sure that Sam and Dean wouldn't let anything happen to each other. Sam looks at Dean with a slight smile on his face giving him a deep soft kiss as Dean returns the kiss as they kept hold of each other.

Sam pulled away then looks at Dean with a slight warm smile as he placed his hand against Dean's face "I love you Dean as I promise I will never hurt you and I promise that I will love you forever" 

Dean looked at Sam once he had pulled away from the kiss as he listens to what Sam was saying to him as Dean gives him a soft smile as Dean felt Sam's hand on his face as he leans into his hand a bit as Dean kept looking at Sam as he nods his head "As  promise that I wouldn't hurt you or leave you and as I will love you until the day I die" 

Sam smiled at Dean as he leans forward and kissed Dean deeper then before as his love for Dean couldn't be any real then anything but one thing was for sure that Dean was Sam's true love as nobody could ever break their love apart.

Dean kissed Sam back as he lets out a moan as he couldn't control himself as Dean ran his hand down Sam's body  as he knew that Sam was the only one that understood him as his love was very real as Nobody would never take his place as Sammy was the only lover that Dean wanted in his life. 

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28 June 2010 @ 07:10 pm
Welcome to Supernaturally Charmed my world where I can get away from real life things and create stories or manips where I can express my love and my life towards others.  My Girlfriend and I created Supernaturally Charmed originally to express our love and how nobody can change our love for each other.

No I don't get any profit for using charmed or supernatural photos, As I just use them along with the storyline or the story behind the photo. As I ask don't hotlink my photos or my manips. I've worked my ass off to create and make my girlfriends and my creations to life.You are most welcomed to use the manips for rping as along you get us the creat for making the manips or photos.

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